Gifts for teachers suggestions

Best Gifts for Teachers on World’s Teachers’ Day 

Show your appreciation to your teacher by giving a gift on their special day.  

In the Philippines, September 5 to October 5 is designated as National Teachers’ Month (NTM). During this month that is especially earmarked to celebrate our dear Ma’ams and Sirs, many students as well as their parents take time to think of what the best gift is to give to their teachers.  

If you are still brainstorming about best gifts for teachers, allow our Paskong Pinoy Family to share these gift ideas and recommendations to you.  

When to give the gift to your teacher? Anytime during NTM is cool but if you want to celebrate with the rest of the world, surprise your teacher with a gift on October 5 which is the World’s Teachers’ Day. 

There are gift suggestions for teachers in our list that does not require you to go to a store and spend money. What gifts these are? Handwritten letters, handmade greeting cards, personalized bookmark to name a few. These are all time favorites; your teacher can save all these and look back on them after years and years.  

If you want to splurge a bit, get your teacher a bouquet of flowers. If your budget won’t allow this, get together with your classmate-friends and pool your money to buy a beautiful bouquet.  

A food gift is also much appreciated, give chocolate chips cookies, cupcakes, empanadas, kakanin, and the likes. A whole cake with dedication is awesome, too. 

A lot of teachers will appreciate a gift that they can use in the classroom and for the students. Examples of these are ream of bond paper, box of chalk, a good quality scissor, stapler, tape dispenser, printer ink, white board marker, highlighters, set of red ballpens, set of black/blue ballpens, a table drawer organizer or mini table top organizer. A gallon of alcohol that the teacher can share with the kids is also a great gift. 

On the other hand, these are unusual but useful gifts for teachers –   a box of disposable face mask or a non-disposable type with pretty prints, a pack of Vitamin C to strengthen their immune system from all the work stresses and long hours, or a Betadine Throat Spray to help their throat if it was strain or itchy after a full day of class discussions and handling challenging students.  

Now, here are gifts suggestions that are a bit on the pricey side: 

  • Lapel mic 
  • Laminating machine with laminating film  
  • Printer 
  • External hard drive 
  • Tote bag with your teacher’s picture/caricature or name painted/embroidered on it 
  • Starbucks gift certificates or gc from popular restaurants, or Sodexo 
  • Massage gift certificates 
  • Spa vouchers 
  • Perfume 
  • Essential oils set 

Meanwhile, if you know your teacher is truly passionate about something, give a gift that revolves around their passion. Example if the teacher is a certified plantita, give a pot of plant or here are other items that a plantita will truly appreciate.  If the teacher crochets, gift a crochet set. If the teacher loves to paint, gift a set of oil or acrylic paints.  

By the way, we do not recommend the giving of mugs, annual planners, tumblers. Why? Since usually only one of these items is regularly use by the teacher and chances are he/she already has one.  

We hope these gifts suggestions for teachers gives you an idea or two. This Paskong Pinoy’s list is not only for World Teachers’ Day but also for the Christmas season.  

Thanks for the thoughtfulness for the teachers out there!