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10 Best Affordable Gifts for Newborns and Babies

Best gifts for newborns and babies and affordable too!

Got an invitation to a baby shower and thinking of what gift for newborns to give that both parents and the soon-to-be baby will find real useful and at the same time affordable? We’ve got you covered. 

These are the list of recommended gifts for a newborn child and babies that are not only very useful but it’s practical and affordable, nothing above P300 except for the lactation supplements. The baby may not be able to say their thanks yet but dad and mom certainly will.

These gifts are also best for the Christmas season for babies na inaanaks and pamangkins. 

And as always when it comes to shopping, you can find these baby items not only from physical stores like department stores and divisorial shops, but also from online stores. Best to time your purchases during a big sale like mother’s day sale, father’s day sale, 3.3, 6.6, 9.9, 11.11, 12.12 mega sale and such to enjoy bigger discounts and great promos.  


Babies need lots of diapers if mom and dad does not want to use the traditional lampin.

There are two choices, first the regular disposable diapers, and second the washable cloth diapers.

If the preferred gift are disposable diapers, we recommend buying taped diapers for newborns. Big brands offer them like Pampers, Huggies, Mommy Poko.  Usually, a newborn will used up around 7 to 10 diapers daily so in just 1 week, mom will go through about 40 diapers and so she will totally appreciate if you will give her baby gifts of diapers. 

A pack of Pampers taped newborn diaper 40 pieces usually sells for around P280. Giving one week supply of diapers is very much welcome. 

Shopping tip: When shopping online, don’t check-out the cart right away, instead find out if there are promos and freebies available.

Speaking of promos, we’ve come across a Free Fisher Price toy for buying selecet Pampers products last 5.5 sale. Who knows this diaper company will offer freebies of toy again? Watch out for that.

In Shopee, this diaper brand offered Free Cerelac for buying select diapers. Not bad.

Shopping Tip: Canvas several shops first and see what freebie or promo they offer for the item you plan to buy before finalizing the purchase.

Do check out the official stores in LazMall or Shopee Mall and the likes, usually they have the best promo.

A Gift of Service

Now this gift will not cost you a cent in the literal sense. You are not going to a store to buy something, instead you are going to offer your time to do a service for the new parents. 

Take note that a mom typically will not want to part with her new baby for long, especially first-time moms. Our suggestion then is that when you visit the newborn baby, do not insist on getting the baby off the mother’s arm. You maybe thinking you are helping her by volunteering to free her arm from the baby for few minutes so she can rest, but you know what, what the mom desperately need is for someone to take over some of the household chores. Yep, it can be as simple as offering ‘hey i will do the dishes for you today so you can focus on your little one’ or ‘hey i would like to throw the trash out for you’ or ‘I could fold the laundry’, or ‘I could cook for you’. 

These are acts of service that the moms and dads will appreciate.

A gift of comfortable clothes for the little one.

Clothes gift for babies will never go out of style. We recommend onesies, swaddles, and side-tying shirts or baru-baruhan.  

If you can find a onesie that comes with built-in protection for the feet like a long-sleeve onesies bodysuit, that would be great because usually newborn easily dislodges socks as they fidget and move.

Baru-baruhan is presko for the baby so do give one or two or more. So-en long sleeves baru-baruhan, set of 3,  sells for P250 in SM Department Store, the last time we checked. 

Give the gift of long-sleeve onesies bodysuits

Lampin, burp clothes, receiving blanket.

Get a multi-use, baby-skin friendly soft fabric that can also serve as a burping cloth, receiving blanket, or swaddle. 

You can look for blankets or lampins made from franella, muslin, gauze, cotton. It is important to give soft cloth materials so there’s no scratching on the newborns’ sensitive skin.

Our favorite and highly recommended are the 6-layer gauze muslin lampin / burp fabric. These are on sale in online shops usually for 45 to 55 a piece. The cheapest we’ve found cost only P39 per piece in Shopee. This one is truly affordable and very useful. Though this easily fades after few washes but its usefulness remains for lots and lots of use!

Why not give 5 pieces and up for lampin and burp clothes?


Mittens, Bonnet, Socks Sets

Talking about practical gift that are downright affordable – it’s the newborn set of mittens, bonnet, and socks. You can go online on shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee and you will see lots of choices that are less than P80!

Newborns will outgrow them fast so it’s not very practical to buy the more expensive branded ones, unless of course you have the budget for it.


Cotton is an often-overlooked item that new parents will need lots and lots of.  Cotton balls or cotton rolls are ultra useful and cheap for poop time.

Midwife, nurses, and pediatricians recommend using cottons to wipe a newborn baby’s butt after pooping. Soak the cotton with distilled water and clean off baby’s bottom.

 Cottons are skin-friendly and better than baby wipes in cleaning the bottom of babies 0 months to three months old. When the baby grows older, that is the time when wipes come handy.

Baby Mosquito Net

Another affordable and practical gift for the newborn is a mosquito net that can protect the baby from mosquitos and other insects especially if the baby is out of the crib and on the bed or sofa or on the floor. We’ve found a baby mosquito net in Lazada with price of only P175.

 Lactation supplements

Give lactation supplements like lactation cookies, malunggay capsules, lactation drink for breastfeeding moms. These galactagogues are supposed to stimulate the mammary glands to boost moms’ milk production. Abundant milk supply makes happy mommy and baby.

Nestle’s Mommalove lactation drink sells for P350 per box while Purest Lactation drink sells for P490.

Malunggay or moringa supplements usually sells for P10 to P15 per capsule.

Baby wash

A baby needs their everyday bath so why not give a bottle or two of baby wash. Go for hypoallergenic and baby friendly products. We recommend baby washes from Human Nature, Lactacyd, Cetaphil, and Aveeno. 

Baby Pillow and Bolster Set

Help ensure the baby will get a good night’s sleep by gifting her or him with a pillow and bolster set specially made for babies. Drop by a mall or go online to shop for baby’s bedtime companions. The cost usually starts at P180, price becomes higher if you will get the 4 in 1 cribset with mattress. 

We hope that you will find this Paskong Pinoy’s recommendations useful as you search for the best affordable gift for babies especially newborns. Remember that gifting need not be done only in December for the holiday season, make gifting all year round. 

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