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20 Gift Ideas for Those Who Loves To Travel

Christmas season will soon be here! If you are thinking of giving gifts to family and friends who have been bitten by the travel bug, Paskong Pinoy recommends these Christmas gift ideas. Oh, these are not only great gifts pang-Pasko, you can give these useful travel related gifts suggestion all year round!

We often find ourselves racking our brains to think of a great gift, we made things easier for you today.

For our PaskongPinoy readers, we made sure that these gift items suggestions are useful for travellers and jetsetters, yes the lakwatsero, lakwatsera, and mga laagan. Give this to friends, family, and yourself too. 

Hope you’ll love our travel related gift recommendation list! 

Check out The Top 20 Gift Ideas for Those Who Loves to Travel we have listed below. 

BACKPACK. Give a traveller a sturdy backpack as a gift. Pick one that has a lot of compartments to accommodate enough of the traveller’s stuff, ideal for a frequent backpacker. Backpacks comes in many sizes and prices vary depending on brand / style / size etc.

Good local brands you can check out includes Hawk backpacks, Summit backpacks, Knumbela backpacks, etc. 

Popular imported brands for backpacks includes Osprey, Deuter, REI, Converse, Nike, and many more.

Buy during Luggage Sale so you can enjoy discounts!

TRAVEL POUCHES / PACKING CUBES. You can store underwear, socks, cosmetics and toiletries on individual pouches. This will ensure that the essential things inside a traveller’s luggage are not all over the place. It will be easier to locate those items later too.

Each of the Paskong Pinoy team has more than 2 sets of packing cubes scored during travel expos. One set usually comes with 4 pouches of different sizes. Price was P250 to 500 per set. You might find cheaper travel pouches / packing cubes in Divisoria stalls.

MINI TRAVEL BOTTLES. These will help in maximizing the space in the luggage, used as mini containers for the traveller’s toiletries and some cosmetic items. Best especially for those friends and family members who don’t buy check-in baggage, and just rely on the 7 kilos of hand-carry allowance. *Make sure the travel bottles are 100 ml or smaller.

ORGANIZER POUCH. A pouch that is an organizer at the same time can hold more than one tiny item. It also helps save space in the luggage.

NECK PILLOW. It helps to make long travels relaxing. For travels that allow you time to sleep during the trip, resting on the neck pillow protects both your head and neck.

EYE COVER. This can be paired with the neck pillow and your eyes can be protected as well. We saw some eye cover from Penshoppe and Bench accessories stores.

POWER BANK. Any traveller will appreciate a power bank. Mobile gadgets for anyone, especially a traveller have already become more of a necessity rather than luxury. It serves as a communication tool during the trips we take. So an extra power source comes in as super handy.  

Asus mobile-size power bank sells for P999. There are lots of cheaper options with good quality, check out SM Cyberzone stores, Lazada, and Shopee. Best to canvas first!

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. A portable audio accessory is the perfect gift idea for the traveller who loves to bring his or her music along in the travel.

We love our Logitech Bluetooth speaker! But if you have the budget, give the gift of JBL Bluetooth speakers.

BEACH BLANKET. Best given to travellers who mainly travel where there are beaches. Our product suggestion is to give inabel beach blanket. If you do, you are not only supporting local weavers in Ilocos but you are also giving something that is pretty useful and good quality mini blanket for those beach jaunts. Inabel products are available online, check Lazada, FB marketplace, and Shopee.

SHAWL. The shawl as a gift to a traveller you know can serve him or her more than one good purpose, as a cover or a scarf for example.

SUNGLASSES. For a traveller who frequently takes trips in the summertime, a pair of this will guard their eyes from the sunlight.

PASSPORT COVER. The passport is a very important document or proof of identification. A passport cover will prevent this from possible damage. You can buy personalized passport cover from online sellers or during bazaars.

WATER BOTTLE. This is an ideal gift for travellers who are into outdoor activities like hiking and mountaineering. Choose one that can maintain cold or hot drinks for several hours. 

LUGGAGE BAG. If the traveller you know is the traveling-since-birth type of wanderlust, a replacement luggage or maybe a spare one is a great gift idea.

MEDICINE KIT. Minor ailments like a headache can occur at any time whether you are traveling or not. Especially when you are traveling, in a foreign place by yourself and the headache happens in the middle of the night. The thought that you have a medicine kit tucked away in your bag will give you a sigh of relief.

PERSONALIZED BAG TAG. This tag will help you identify your luggage from the other baggage immediately.

TRAVEL STATEMENT SHIRT. This type of shirt can have a statement imprinted in front or at back that could say: “I WAS BORN TO TRAVEL” “WANDERLUST” “TRAVEL IS LIFE”, and many more!

MULTI-CORD ORGANIZER. We have mentioned earlier that mobile devices are now a necessity. Most travellers bring more than one type of gadget. Each gadget could have a designated cord. A multi-cord organizer will ensure that there will be no cords and/or USB cables scattered in your luggage or backpack. It will be easy to locate which cord is which.

You can check out and find highly rated sellers selling cord organizers – lots of choices there, but delivery takes an average of 45 days to the Philippines. Or find a local online seller, again Lazada, Shopee are options for swifter shipping and delivery. 

LIFEPROOF CASE. The lifeproof cases are designed to protect the traveller’s gadgets. This is an essential gift to those who are specifically high on adventure during their travels, as they have a bigger chance of exposing their devices to damages.

PHOTOBOOK VOUCHERS – This is the hottest trend when it comes to preserving your photos. Just buy a voucher, get the code, prepare your photos, upload them, and do some styling and layout using the templates available on their website. Plus, you might even chance upon when Photobook Philippinesoffers FREE photobooks 6 x 6 soft cover!  They have these freebies from time to time, and they sometimes offer them to new sign-ups to their site.

TRAVEL JOURNAL. Yes, there are notepads that are pre-installed on smartphones. But there are those who would still go for the traditional journal for their travel. For some travelers, noting beats writing down in ink the little notes on the journey.

Some of these items we listed here are not only great gifts for travelers but also perfect gifts suggestion for girlfriend, sisters, brothers, friends, etc. 🙂 Or you can buy them as gift for yourself!!!

Gift-giving is year-round, and we could be giving or receiving gifts more than once in a year, depending on the occasion. Sometimes we even give or receive gifts without any occasion to consider, or at times they come as thank-you gifts. We hope that this Paskong Pinoy list of Christmas gift ideas / year-round gift recommendation is useful to you.