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Shopping in Paete for Christmas Decors and Ornaments

There are various markets and places in the Philippines which are famous for Christmas decors shopping. One such outstanding place is the town of Paete in Laguna.

Paete is more known as the “ukit” or carving capital of the country, where finely skilled wood carvers and artist abound. However, during the ‘ber’ months, it is not the wooden carvings that draws-in visitors and tourists. What’s the main attraction during these times? Christmas decors.

Santa Claus figures ranging from tiny sizes to giant abounds and are among the most popular products of this town for the holidays. There are also for sale belens or nativity scenes. One can also find nostalgic figurines such as that of carollers in winter attires, plus lots of snowman theme decors. 

When To Visit Paete for Christmas Shopping

A visit to Paete, Laguna is best done end of September to October annually if the target is shopping for Christmas figurines, santa clauses, Christmas tree hanging ornaments, and other holiday decors. Why? This is because shopping in November may be already late, as there are wholesale buyers who goes to this town to buy in bulk, these wholesalers will be selling Paete-made products in Metro Manila and other provinces. 

The prices of Paete decors in the city are a lot more expensive compared to the prices of these decors if directly bought in the various shops in the town. 

Going to the town of Paete is easy even if one takes public transport. One option and the fastest if coming from Metro Manila is to just head to DLTB or JAM bus terminal in Cubao or Pasay, and ride a bus bound for Sta Cruz, Laguna. Get off in the bus terminal in Sta Cruz, just across the road there would be Paete-bound jeepneys, choose the  jeeps with “Paete loob” signage, you will alight in the town center itself. One can still opt to ride the jeepney with “Paete labas” or just “Paete” but you will walk maybe 500 meters to get to the town center. 

For those with vehicle one can just use the Waze app for driving direction to the town. One can choose to go via SLEX – Calamba – Los Banos – Calauan – Victoria – Pila – Sta Cruz – Paete or via the backdoor ‘Rizal – Siniloan – Pakil – Pangil – Paete’. 

Many of the shops are in the town center, they are real easy to find. There are also Christmas decor stores scattered along the road going into the town center. 

Prices of Paete Christmas Decors

Santa Claus paper mache, hanging and the tall varieties, usually sells from P600 to P1,500, depending on the size. 

Santa Claus figurines like these ones below starts selling at P250.

Santa Claus figurines

Belens the small ones, really cute, start selling for P550. There are bigger nativity scenes selling for P2,000 and up.

belen from paete laguna
Belens from Paete

Rocking horse figurine: P850

Carolers (set of 4) – P1,500

Christmas wreath with Santa Claus on a sleigh: P700

Christmas Wreath Paete
Christmas wreath from Paete

Family caroling figurine: P350

Christmas tree trinkets and ornaments starts at P40. The bigger ones are usually P75. The santa claus with bear, snow man with candy cane, and santa claus with gift are P40 each when we bought it.

For those buying in bulk for reselling, request for special discounts from the various shops in the town. Who knows you might get lucky and the seller gives you the items at low, low prices.

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping, get to Paete and score affordable decors for the holiday.

Have a Merry and Happy Christmas!