DTI SRP for Noche Buena products

DTI SRP – Suggested Retail Price for Noche Buena Products

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines has released the list of Suggested Retail Price or SRP for popular noche buena food products for this year 2020.

Every year, around November, DTI gives info to consumer about the SRP of grocery and supermarket items high in demand during the Christmas holiday. Last November 10, DTI released SRP info for this year’s 2020 holiday.

Take note that prior to the announcement, Christmas grocery products manufacturer have submitted proposals to DTI for a minimal price increase. DTI however convinces these manufacturers to just keep the prices from last year, since the requested price increase are minimal and considering that we are in a crisis this year due to the pandemic. 

DTI SRP for Noche Buena products
Suggested Retail Prices per DTI for select Noche Buena products

The Paskong Pinoy team now shares info on the srp prices of the most high in demand panghanda and pangsahog sa mga pagkaing pang noche buena. Note that these are “suggested retail prices”, meaning establishments like groceries, supermarkets, sari-sari stores, warehouse clubs, etc may still offer the same brand, same size at different price point. But at least the consumers will have a reference idea. 

Read more about Filipinos love for Christmas Ham for Noche Buena and Media Noche.

SWIFT Noche Buena Ham500g₱135.00
KING SUE Hawaiian Ham Loaf500g₱140.00
CDO American Ham500g₱155.00
PUREFOODS Brick Ham500g₱160.00
VIRGINIA Brick Ham500g₱189.00
VIRGINIA Pear Shaped Ham500g₱189.00
KING SUE Pear Shaped Cooked Ham Loaf700g₱194.00
SWIFT Pear Shaped Ham800g₱196.00
CDO Pear Shaped Ham800g₱225.00
PUREFOODS Pear Shaped Ham800g₱230.00
VIRGINIA Pear Shaped Ham800g₱259.00
VIRGINIA Chicken Pear Shaped Ham800g₱270.00
KING SUE Sweet Ham, Cooked800g₱371.00
KING SUE Pina Style Cooked Ham, Smoked800g₱430.00
CDO Jamon de Bola850g₱295.00
VIRGINIA Pear Shaped Ham1kg₱299.00
SWIFT Jamon de Bola1kg₱325.00
PUREFOODS Jamon de Bola1kg₱350.00
VIRGINIA Jamon de Bola1kg₱370.00
PUREFOODS Chicken Ham1kg₱450.00
KING SUE Sweet Ham, Cooked1kg₱456.00
VIRGINIA Seasons Delight1kg₱409.00
KING SUE Pina Style Cooked Ham, Smoked1kg₱530.00
SWIFT Festival Ham1kg₱535.00
PUREFOODS Fiesta Ham1kg₱555.00
CDO Holiday Whole – Meat Ham1kg₱569.00
CDO Holiday Whole – Meat Ham (Pre-Sliced)1kg₱569.00
SWIFT Deboned Ham1kg₱605.00
KING SUE Chinese Style Ham (RAW)1kg₱697.00
SWIFT Bone in Ham1kg₱870.00
KING SUE Chinese Ham (Bone-in) Boiled1kg₱872.00
CDO Chinese Ham1kg₱1025.00
PUREFOODS Fiesta Ham1.5 kg₱832.50

Another crowd favorite during Christmas parties are fruit salads! The fastest way to make fruit salad is to use canned fruit cocktails available in groceries.

SEASONS Tropical Fruit Cocktail **432g₱50.35
TODAY’S Mixed Fruit432g₱51.20
DOLE Tropical Fruit Cocktail **432g₱55.15
DEL MONTE Fiesta in Extra Light Syrup432g₱56.45
SEASONS Tropical Fruit Cocktail **822g₱72.10
DOLE Tropical Fruit Cocktail **822g₱73.65
TODAY’S Mixed Fruit836g₱72.90
DEL MONTE Fiesta in Extra Light Syrup836g₱76.15
SEASONS Tropical Fruit Cocktail **3kg₱202.20
TODAY’S Mixed Fruit ***3kg₱202.75
DOLE Tropical Fruit Cocktail **3kg₱235.75
DEL MONTE Fiesta in Extra Light Syrup **3kg₱239.40

A Christmas desert favorite is macaroni salad, chicken macaroni salad or sweet macaroni salad. Here is the info for the price of this pasta per brand.

SUNSHINE Elbow Macaroni400g₱31.00
EL REAL Elbow and Salad Macaroni400g₱31.50
AMIGO SEGURADO Elbow Macaroni400g₱34.00
FIESTA Elbow and Salad Macaroni400g₱35.00
ROYAL Elbow and Salad Macaroni400g₱52.50
DEL MONTE Elbow Macaroni400g₱58.05
IDEAL GOURMET Elbow and Salad Macaroni500g₱55.00
SAN REMO Elbow and Salad Macaroni500g₱73.00
AMIGO SEGURADO Elbow Macaroni900g₱69.00
EL REAL Elbow and Salad Macaroni1kg₱64.00
FIESTA Elbow and Salad Macaroni1kg₱69.00
SUNSHINE Elbow and Salad Macaroni1kg₱71.75
ROYAL Elbow and Salad Macaroni1kg₱88.00
IDEAL GOURMET Elbow and Salad Macaroni1kg₱89.25
DEL MONTE Elbow Macaroni1kg₱98.65

Spaghetti during the holiday – of course! Here is the info for the grocery price of the different brands spaghetti noodles.

AMIGO SEGURADO Spaghetti200g₱19.00
EL REAL Spaghetti400g₱30.00
AMIGO SEGURADO Spaghetti400g₱34.00
FIESTA Spaghetti400g₱35.00
LA FILIPINA Spaghetti400g₱49.15
DEL MONTE Spaghetti400g₱52.25
ROYAL Spaghetti400g₱52.50
SUNSHINE Spaghetti450g₱33.75
IDEAL GOURMET Spaghetti500g₱55.00
BALDUCCI Spaghetti500g₱55.25
SAN REMO Spaghetti500g₱73.00
FIESTA Spaghetti800g₱59.00
AMIGO SEGURADO Spaghetti850g₱56.00
EL REAL Spaghetti900g₱57.00
SUNSHINE Spaghetti900g₱59.00
ROYAL Spaghetti900g₱80.00
LA FILIPINA Spaghetti900g₱80.00
DEL MONTE Spaghetti900g₱87.65
IDEAL GOURMET Spaghetti1kg₱92.50

Next list is for the srp pricing for spaghetti sauces.

UFC Spaghetti Sauce – Supermarket250g₱22.75
DEL MONTE Spaghetti – Filipino Style250g₱25.00
HUNTs Spaghetti Sauce – Parmesan Cheese250g₱25.50
DEL MONTE Spaghetti – Italian and Sweet Style250g₱27.90
FIESTA Spaghetti Sauce – Sweet Blend500g₱42.00
UFC Spaghetti Sauce – Supermarket500g₱42.75
DEL MONTE Spaghetti – Filipino Style500g₱51.10
DEL MONTE Creamy & Cheese Spaghetti Sauce500g₱56.70
DEL MONTE Spaghetti – Italian and Sweet Style500g₱57.70
UFC Spaghetti Sauce – Supermarket750g₱59.00
SUNSHINE Spaghetti Sauce – Pinoy Style900g₱63.00
AMIGO SEGURADO – Sweet Blend Style850g₱66.00
AMIGO SEGURADO – Italian Style900g₱66.00
FIESTA Spaghetti Sauce – Sweet Blend, 3 Cheese Spaghetti Sauce900g₱74.00
DEL MONTE Creamy & Cheese Spaghetti Sauce900g₱82.80
TODAY’S Spaghetti Sauce1kg₱60.70
UFC Spaghetti Sauce – Supermarket1kg₱67.00
HUNTs Spaghetti Sauce Pinoy Party Style1kg₱68.85
SUNSHINE Spaghetti Sauce – Kiddie Style1kg₱71.75
ROYAL Filipino Style1kg₱72.00
CLARA OLE – Filipino Style1kg₱73.00
ROYAL Sweet Style, 4 Cheese Spaghetti Sauce1kg₱74.00
DEL MONTE Spaghetti – Filipino Style1kg₱74.20
CLARA OLE – Italian Style, Sweet Style and Three Cheese Style1kg₱77.25
HUNTs Spaghetti Sauce – Parmesan Cheese, Basil and Cheese1kg₱78.55

Presyo na inirekomenda ng DTI para sa mga pangsahog sa fruit salad / macaroni salad na creamer, mayonnaise, cheese.

ALASKA Crema250ml₱55.00
NESTLE All Purpose Cream250ml₱59.00
NESTLE Thick Cream300ml₱75.00
ALASKA Crema-Asada370ml₱47.00
ANGEL Krem Queso370ml₱55.00
ANGEL Kremdensada *410ml₱52.00
EDEN Mayo80ml₱28.00
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise80ml (POUCH)₱29.90
EDEN Mayo220ml (JAR)₱84.50
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise220ml (JAR)₱90.05
BEST FOOD Regular Mayo Magie220ml (POUCH)₱47.55
EDEN Mayo220ml (POUCH)₱74.50
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise220ml (POUCH)₱79.60
BEST FOOD Regular Mayonnaise220ml (POUCH)₱83.35
EDEN Magic Whirl APD470ml (JAR)₱96.50
BEST FOOD Regular Mayo Magie470ml (JAR)₱106.59
EDEN Mayo470ml (JAR)₱169.00
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise470ml (JAR)₱178.50
BEST FOOD Regular Mayonnaise470ml (JAR)₱196.35
BEST FOOD Regular Mayo Magie470ml (POUCH)₱95.05
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise470ml (POUCH)₱159.65
EDEN Magic Whirl APD700ml (JAR)₱140.00
BEST FOOD Regular Mayo Magie700ml (JAR)₱153.35
LADY’S CHOICE Regular Mayonnaise700ml (JAR)₱257.30
BEST FOOD Regular Mayonnaise700ml (JAR)₱283.00

Cheese srp per DTI. Cheese is one of the staple of Christmas deserts. Plus, some dishes example embutido, morcon, will even use cheese like Eden cheese.

EDEN Filled Cheese165g₱49.50
EDEN Meltsarap165g₱81.30
KRAFT Cheddar Cheese165g₱89.00
DANES Classic Cheese180g₱48.00
QUES – O Cheese Food200g₱47.50
CHE – VITALI Cheese Food200g₱63.25
CHE – VITAL Cheese Quickmelt200g₱66.40
EDEN Filled Cheese440g₱129.50
KRAFT Cheddar Cheese440g₱195.00
EDEN Meltsarap440g₱205.00
DANES Classic Cheese450g₱120.00
QUES – O Cheese Food500g₱118.20
CHE – VITAL Cheese Food500g₱157.85
CHE – VITAL Cheese Quickmelt500g₱165.60
EDEN Original950g₱269.50

The following products’ SRPs are only applicable until December 31, 2020. 

*Angel Kremdensada 410ml

**All Dole and Seasons products listed above.

*** Today’s Mixed Fruit 3kg and Del Monte Fiesta in Extra Light Syrup 3kg SRPs are valid from Dec 15 – 31, 2020 ONLY.

If the good’s price, say spaghetti noodle is exorbitantly high compared to the srp, one may report the overpricing to DTI. For inquiries and/or complaints, visit the nearest DTI Regional/Provincial office or DTI- FTEB at NCR or contact (02) 8 751 3330 or DTI mobile number 09178343330.

All info on this post came from the official DTI website. SRPs applies nationwide for supermarkets, groceries, and wet markets.

OFWs who wishes to give gifts of groceries to families back home, use this DTI price to estimate how much to send back home so family members will enjoy their favorite noche buena foods.

For those in the country, use this DTI srp list to make the budget for the Christmas holiday feasts as early as now. 

Enjoy Pasko and ang mga salo-salo!

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