pampaswerte bagong taon

10 Pampaswerte sa Bagong Taon ✨ Palihi – Invite Luck for the New Year ✨

The year is about to end and it means lots of Pinoys will be readying soon mga bagay na pampaswerte sa bagong taon, lalong-lalo na after the crisis this year. Pampaswerte na pagkain, pampaswerte sa bahay, pampaswerte sa pera at marami pang iba. 

Do you want to get lucky in 2021?

Do you want blessings to pour next year? Do you want abundance for your family? If you answered yes and you believe in the age-old New Year pampaswerte traditions, then our tips are for you. 

By the way, in Visayan speaking provinces, people would be preparing palihi, a term with the same meaning as “pampaswerte” or “pampabuenas” in Tagalog speaking areas. 

Many of our countrymen observes the following New Year’s Eve practices or traditions when the clock strikes midnight ushering in the first day of a brand new year.

pampaswerte bagong taon

We have listed 10 pampaswerte tips, you can add your own lucky items or traditions. You can also read-up on what feng shui masters suggest for luck in celebrating a new year.

Prepare 12 types of round fruits for luck

This palihi tradition is the most known of all and is the one thing that many Filipinos try their best to follow. The guideline is to prepare twelve types of different ROUND fruits and put this in the middle of the dining table on New Year’s Eve.

Suggestions for round fruits includes pomelo, watermelon, apple, orange, pear, grapes, chico, atis, melon, dalandan, pineapple, ponkan, kiat-kiat, tiesa, guyabano, mango, star apple, cherry, persimmon, pomegranate, guava, peach. 

However, because of financial problems or for practical reasons, some Filipinos have made adjustment to this tradition. So instead of having 12 different types, some would have a couple of one fruit, then several of another, as long as the total is 12. 

Example: 1 watermelon, 3 apples, 5 kiat-kiats, 1 pear, 1 pineapple, a bunch of grapes. 

There are also some who observes 13 fruits instead of 12. 

Serve Sticky Delicacies

Another New Year Eve’s food tradition that we have inherited from our Tsinoy countrymen is the serving of sticky delicacies. Partaking of these delicacies is believe to pull-in family members to remain supportive of each other in the coming year and to foster family closeness.

You may serve one or several of the following popular sticky delicacies sa bagong taon para buenas:

  • Suman
  • Biko
  • Tikoy
  • Bibingka
  • Kutsina
  • Puto Bumbong
  • Palitaw
  • Pichi-pichi
  • Casava Cake

Wearing Polka Dot or Red Dress / Clothing

Look no further on what to wear. You want to be lucky in money next year? Wearing a polka dot on New Year’s Eve may just bring you the luck you want. 

The polka dot symbolizes money and by wearing clothing with polka dots on it, you are inviting money luck to come into your life in the new year. 

Others swear by wearing red colored clothing when the clock strikes midnight. In Chinese feng shui, red is a color that is believe to bring-in luck, happiness, and joy.

Here’s a suggestion, why not consider wearing a red polka dot dress? Going overboard won’t hurt anybody and what if it will really work? Double the luck, pasok swerte.

pampaswerte new year polka dot

Make Noise to drive evil spirit and bad vibes away

So far we at Paskong Pinoy have shared about things that may invite luck, now we will share about a practice that is believe to drive-away bad luck.

At midnight on January 1, start making loud noises. You have the license to be as loud as you can. Bring-up the volume level of your karaoke, tv, phone, computer, etc. Blow your car’s horn so loud and straight for several minutes. Bang your pots againts each other. Make the noise so loud that evil spirits will flee, that bad vibes will exit your house and your life. 

Traditionally, firecrackers were used for this ‘make noise tradition’ but the government has since banned indiscriminate use of firecrackers. LGUs and organizations may apply for permit to use firecrackers in predesignated area. 

Make sure the rice keeper, container, or dispenser is full

Rice is the staple food of Filipinos. It is believe that if your rice container or dispenser is full on New Year’s Eve, this invites prosperity and food security in the coming year for you and your family.

Doing this NYE tradition sends signal to the universe that you are ready to receive blessings especially food abundance. 

30 Pieces of A Coin / Same Denomination

Having 30 pieces of the same kind of coin is another tradition sa bagong taon that the oldies follows strictly. Although this tradition is losing favor from many of the young ones in the country. 

So what you do here is you gather 30 pieces of a certain type of coin. You can choose 1 peso, 5 pesos, 10 pesos, 25 centavos, 10 centavos, 5 centavos. Put this in your dress pocket and rattle this when January 1 rolls-in. You may also put this in a pouch then put in your pocket.

It is believe that having 30 pieces of the same coin denomination brings money prosperity in your life sa New Year. The coins stands for the 30 days in a month. We don’t know why it’s not 31 but let’s just abide by the oldie’s rule. 

But very important, keep your luck intact, do not use the 30 pieces coins for any reason other than dire emergency.

Jumping Pampatangkad

This tradition is taught to Filipino kids early on. When 12 midnight strikes signifying that the new year is here, the kids are encourage to jump. Jump as high as one can. Jumping is believe to make one grow taller. 

Did you grow up doing the New Year jump? 🙂

For adults, jumping brings good luck too because you are joyfully jumping na dumating na ang bagong taon, it attracts positive vibes. 

Make sure that there is money in all your wallets

This is another tradition that is believe to bring in financial prosperity and money luck in the new year. Make sure to have money inside your wallet, have coins and paper bills on New Year, pampaswerte sa pera. 

Turn on all lights

Make sure that luck or ang swerte hindi makaligtaan dalawin ang bahay mo. Open up all the lights in your house for a few minutes pagdating ng bagong taon. It is believe that by doing this you are inviting and welcoming all positive vibes and luck to come into your house and into your life for the new year. 

Be Awake To Welcome The New Year

If you only want to follow one New Year tradition then make it this one. Be awake as the new year is ushered in. Be welcoming to all the positiveness that the universe showers especially on this day. Attract and embrace the luck and blessings in the surrounding. 

For Filipinos, being awake on the first moments of the year is not difficult to follow since we have what is called the New Year’s Eve Media Noche. This is the NYE tradition wherein the family gathers on the table to partake the first meal of the new year together. 

The Media Noche feast usually features mga pagkaing pampaswerte discussed above aside from family heirloom recipes and special foods. After the NYE midnight feast, usually the family bond a little more before going to sleep.  

So, which of these pampabuenas, mga pampasuerte, mga palihi that you plan on implementing this coming new year? Share in the comments section. 

p.s. If you don’t believe in palihi or pampaswerte, it’s okay. We remain respectful of each other’s belief.

Happy New Year to one and all!!!